This superb hymn book has over 700 great Christian hymns (songs) - both old and new - especially chosen for their high Bible truth content.

Redemption Hymns has many songs that “make the truth memorable.” List of songs

Although some of the songs - such as “In Christ Alone” - have been written during the last few years, Redemption Hymns also includes many of the most loved songs from the great Christ-honouring hymnbooks of the past.

Some older songs are set in a lower key for ease of singing and some language is updated.

Redemption Hymns has:
Songs arranged in alphabetical order of first lines - so you're usually able to find a song without using the index.

Extensive indexes, including an index of topics such as: Praise, The Lord’s Table, Heaven, Redemption, Grace, Christmas, Gospel, etc.  Also authors, tunes and metres.

A music edition with nearly 900 pages of great Christian music.  Chord names are shown.

More than one tune for many of the songs. For instance, there are three tunes for “The Lord’s my Shepherd.”

Many cross-references to other suitable tunes.
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Redemption Hymns is published by the
Emmaus Bible Correspondence School