Songs from A to G

A certain man of whom we read  1
A Child of the King (Title)  368
A hymn of joy we sing  2
A mighty fortress is our God  3
A New Name in Glory (Title)  235
A ruler once came to find Jesus at night  4
A Shelter in the Time of Storm (Title)  548
A Sinner Like Me (Title)  232
A Thousand Thanksgivings (Modern) (Title)  613
A Thousand Thanksgivings (Original) (Title)  600
A wonderful Saviour is Jesus my Lord  5
Abba Father! we approach You  6
Abide with me  7
Able to Save (Title)  674
Above all else (Chorus)  8
According to Thy gracious Word  9
Alas! and did my Saviour bleed?  10
All beauty may we ever see (Refrain)  554
All for Jesus! All for Jesus!  11
All hail the power of Jesus' name  12
All my iniquities on Him were laid (Refrain)  675
All people that on earth do dwell  13
All power is given unto Me (Refrain)  100
All That Thrills My Soul (Title)  672
All that we were, our sins, our guilt  14
All the way my Saviour leads me  15
All things bright and beautiful  16
All to Christ I Owe (Title)  210
All to Jesus I surrender  17
Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts to Heaven  18
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus  19
Although this world its gifts denies (Refrain)  252
Amazing grace shall always  21
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound  20
Amidst us our Belovèd stands  22
And can it be that I should gain  23
And I shall see Him face to face (Refrain)  505
And oh, what a weeping and wailing (Refrain)  201
And the blood has never lost its power (Refrain)  266
Angels from the realms of glory  24
Are you going to be there? (Refrain)  265
Are you washed in the blood (Refrain)  149
Arise my soul, arise!  25
Around Your table, holy Lord  26
As with gladness men of old  27
As you left your room this morning  28
Ask the Saviour to help you (Refrain)  699
At the cross, at the cross (Not ashamed) (Refrain)  246
At the cross, at the cross (The cross) (Refrain)  534
At the Name of Jesus  29
At times the days seems long  30
Away in a manger  31
Be in time, be in time (Refrain)  334
Be known to us in breaking bread  32
Be still my soul!  33
Be Thou my vision  34
Bearing His Cross (Title)  603
Beautiful Saviour (Title)  97
Beautiful words, wonderful words (Refrain)  502
Because He Lives (Title)  134
Before the throne of God above  36
Behold Me standing at the door  35
Behold the Lamb with glory crowned  37
Believe it, yes sinner believe it (Refrain)  473
Beneath the cross of Jesus  38
Benediction (Title)  359
Between two thieves the Saviour died  39
Blessèd assurance, Jesus is mine!  40
Blessèd be God, our God  41
Blessèd be the fountain of blood  43
Blessèd Jesus, blessèd Jesus (Refrain)  488
Blest be the tie that binds  42
Blest Son of God, eternal Word  44
Born in the night, Mary's Child  45
Born to Die (Title)  446
Break now the bread of life  46
Break Thou the Bread of Life (Title)  46
Breathe on me breath of God  47
Brethren we have met to worship  48
Brightly beams our Father's mercy  49
Brightness of eternal glory  50
But I know whom I have believèd (Refrain)  216
But it's real, it's real (Refrain)  411
But we see Jesus (Chorus)  51
By and by when I look on His face  52
By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored  53
By faith in the glorified Christ  54
Calling today, calling today (Refrain)  298
Calvary (Title)  442
Channels only, blessèd Master (Refrain)  177
Child in the manger, infant of Mary  55
Christ has for sin atonement made  56
Christ Has Power to Save (Title)  664
Christ is coming (When He cometh)  57
Christ is coming, quickly coming  58
Christ is risen! Hallelujah!  59
Christ is surely coming  60
Christ my everlasting portion  61
Christ our tender, gracious Shepherd  62
Christ the Lord is risen today  63
Christ triumphant  64
Christians awake, salute the happy  65
Cleanse me from my sin, Lord (Chorus)  66
Close to You (Refrain)  61
Come all who love the Lord  68
Come along with me, to my Father's house  67
Come and Dine (Title)  289
Come and Worship, Christ (Title)  24
Come believing! (Refrain)  448
Come down, O Love divine  69

Come every soul by sin oppressed  70
Come home, come home (Refrain)  504
Come let us sing of a wonderful love  71
Come let us sing the Song of songs  73
Come let us sing, praise to our King (Refrain)  503
Come let us to the Lord our God  72
Come risen Lord  74
Come sing my soul and praise the Lord  75
Come sinner and see what Jesus has done  76
Come Thou Fount of every blessing  77
Come to the light (Refrain)  560
Come to the Saviour, do not delay  78
Coming again (Refrain)  358
Coming home (Refrain)  284
Consecration Hymn (Title)  522
Count your blessings (Refrain)  665
Cross of Jesus, cross of sorrow  79
Crown Him with many crowns  80
Crucified!  Crucified! (Refrain)  593
Dare to be a Daniel (Refrain)  514
Day by day and with each passing moment  81
Day is dying in the west  82
Dear Lord and Father of mankind  83
Dear Saviour Thou art mine  84
Dearer than all, the Saviour came  85
Depth of mercy! can there be  86
Do Lord, O do Lord (Refrain)  282
Does Jesus care when my heart  87
Done is the work that saves  88
Down at the cross where my Saviour died  89
Down from His glory  90
Doxology (Chorus) (Title)  463
Draw me nearer (Refrain)  191
Dying with Jesus, by death reckoned mine  91
Emptied of His glory  92
Eternal Father, strong to save  93
Eternal Word, eternal Son!  94
Eternity (Title)  668
Even Me! (Title)  342
Everybody ought to love Him (Chorus)  95
Everybody should know (Refrain)  208
Everyone who in Christ believes (Refrain)  538
Face to face shall I behold Him (Refrain)  96
Face to face with Christ my Saviour  96
Fairest Lord Jesus  97
Fairest of ten thousand  99
Far away in the depths of my spirit  98
Far far away in heathen darkness  100
Father God, the Lord, Creator  101
Feed us now, O Son of God  102
Fight the good fight  104
Fill My Cup, Lord (Title)  337
Follow! Follow! I will follow Jesus (Chorus)  103
Following Jesus, ever day by day (Refrain)  202
For All My Sin (Title)  275
For all the Lord has done for me  105
For all the saints  106
For ever with the Lord  107
For me He died, for me He lives (Refrain)  371
For My sake and the Gospel's go  108
For the bread and for the wine  109
For the darkness shall turn to dawning (Refrain)  641
For unto us a child is born (Chorus)  110
Free from the law  111
From sinking sand He lifted me (Refrain)  253
Full salvation!  Full Salvation!  112
Gathered Lord around Your table  113
Gathered to Your name  114
Gazing on You, Lord, in glory  115
Gently His voice is pleading (Refrain)  671
Give me a sight, O Saviour  116
Give me Jesus (Refrain)  262
Give me oil in my lamp  117
Give me that old-time religion  118
Glorious things of thee are spoken  119
Glory Land (Title)  279
Glory Song (Title)  650
Glory to God on high!  120
Glory to His name (Refrain)  89
Glory to Jesus, wonderful Saviour (Refrain)  288
Glory to Thee, Thou Son of God  121
Glory! glory in the highest! (Refrain)  482
Glory, glory everlasting  122
Go labour on, spend and be spent  123
Go tell it on the mountain  124
God be with you till we meet again  125
God holds the key of all unknown  126
God in mercy sent His Son  127
God is here! and that to bless us  128
God is so good  129
God is still on the throne (Chorus)  130
God is working His purpose out  131
God loved the world of sinners lost  132
God of the Ages  133
God sent His Son  134
God who made the earth and heaven  135
Going home  137
Good Christian men rejoice  136
Gospel bells! How they ring (Refrain)  539
Got any rivers you think (Chorus)  138
Grace Greater Than All Our Sins (Title)  357
Grace is such a precious sound  139
Grace, grace, God's grace (Refrain)  357
Great God of wonders  140
Great is Thy faithfulness  141
Great the joy when Christians meet  142
Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah  143