Songs from H to I

Hail the day that sees Him rise  144
Hail, the ever-blessèd morn! (Refrain)  491
Hallelujah, We Shall Rise (Title)  447
Hallelujah, Yours the glory! (Refrain)  631
Happy birthday to you  145
Happy Day (Title)  409
Hark now hear the angels sing (Refrain)  340
Hark the herald angels sing  146
Have Thine own way, Lord  147
Have you any room for Jesus  148
Have you been to Jesus for the  149
Have you read the story  150
He could have called ten thousand angels (Refrain)  592
He did not come to judge (Chorus)  151
He died an atoning death (Refrain)  150
He dies! He dies! the lowly Man  152
He gave His life in selfless love  153
He is coming, coming for us  154
He is Lord (Frey)  155
He Is Lord (Title)  92
He Lifted Me (Title)  253
He Lives (Title)  225
He Looked Beyond My Fault (Title)  21
He the pearly gates will open (Refrain)  351
He took my sins away (Refrain)  199
He Touched Me (Title)  495
He who would valiant be  156
He will break every fetter  157
Hear the church triumphant singing  158
Heaven Came Down (Title)  438
Heaven Is My Home! (Title)  181
Here at Your table Lord  159
Here from the world we turn  160
Here is love, vast as the ocean  161
Here Lord we come Yourself to meet  162
Here O my Lord, I see You face to face  163
He's able (Chorus)  164
He's coming soon (Chorus)  165
He's coming soon (Refrain)  264
He's hiding my soul in the cleft of the rock (Refrain)  5
He's real to me (Chorus)  166
Hide God's Word in your heart (Chorus)  167
Higher Ground (Title)  247
His be the Victor's name  168
His Eye Is On the Sparrow (Title)  677
His hands were pierced  169
His love is more than tongue can tell (Refrain)  551
His name is higher (Chorus)  170
Hold the fort, for I am coming (Refrain)  338
Holy Night (Title)  407
Holy, holy, holy  (Chorus)  171
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty  172
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts (Refrain)  82
Holy, holy, is what the angels sing (Refrain)  577
How beautiful to walk in the steps (Refrain)  615
How deep the Father's love for us  173
How good is the God we adore  174
How Great Thou Art (Title)  415
How great, our Father, was Your love  175
How greatly Jesus must have (Chorus)  176
How I praise You precious Saviour  177
How lovely on the mountains  178
How marvellous, how wonderful (Refrain)  228
How often we forget the love  179
How precious is the book divine  180
How sweet is the story  182
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds  183
I am a stranger here  181
I am coming Lord (Refrain)  212
I am covered over (Chorus)  184
I am going home by the way of the cross  185
I am He that liveth (Refrain)  152
I Am His, and He Is Mine (Title)  353
I am just a weary pilgrim  186
I am not skilled to understand  187
I am redeemed (Refrain)  616
I am so glad that Jesus loves me (Refrain)  188
I am so glad that our Father in Heaven  188
I am the Way, the Saviour said  190
I am the Way, the Truth and (Chorus)  189
I am Thine, O Lord  191
I am thinking today of that beautiful land  192
I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus  193
I am waiting for the dawning  195
I believe in God the Father  194
I believe that there's a God in Heaven  196
I bless the Christ of God  197
I boast not of works  198
I came to Jesus weary, worn and sad  199
I cannot tell why He, whom angels worship  200
I cannot tell you why, nor how (Refrain)  562
I do believe, I will believe (Refrain)  566
I dreamed that the great judgement  201
I have a Shepherd, One I love so well  202
I have a song that Jesus gave me  203
I have decided to follow Jesus  204
I have heard of a beautiful city  205
I have heard of a land  206
I have one deep, supreme desire  207
I have read of a beautiful city  209
I have such a wonderful Saviour  208
I hear the Saviour say  210
I hear the words of love  211
I hear Your welcome voice  212
I heard an old, old story  214
I heard the voice of Jesus say  213
I know a place where (chorus)  215
I know not why God's wondrous grace  216
I know that my Redeemer lives  217
I know that my Redeemer liveth  219
I know, I know that Jesus liveth (Refrain)  219
I love to tell the story  218

I love Your name, O Jesus Friend divine (Refrain)  420
I met Jesus at the crossroads (Chorus)  220
I must have the Saviour with me  221
I Must Needs Go Home By the Way (Title)  185
I need no other argument (Refrain)  365
I need Thee every hour  222
I never will cease to praise Him (Refrain)  105
I once was a stranger to grace  224
I saw the cross of Jesus  223
I serve a risen Saviour  225
I shall know Him (Refrain)  660
I shall wear a golden crown  226
I sing because I'm happy (Refrain)  677
I stand all amazed at the love  227
I stand amazed in the presence  228
I surrender all (Refrain)  17
I think when I read that sweet story of old  230
I to the hills will lift my eyes  229
I Tried the Broken Cisterns (Title)  395
I vow to thee, my country  231
I Want To Be Like Jesus (Title)  207
I was far away from the Saviour  232
I was glad when they said (Chorus)  233
I was once a sinner, but I came  235
I was sinking deep in sin  236
I will bless the Lord  234
I Will Follow Jesus (Chorus) (Title)  103
I Will Glory in the Cross (Title)  198
I will praise Him!  I will praise Him! (Refrain)  655
I will sing of my Redeemer  237
I will sing the wondrous story  238
I will sing you a song of that beautiful land  239
I would love to tell you  241
I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold  240
If God be for us (Refrain)  475
I'll be present when the roll is called (Refrain)  507
I'll Wish I Had Given Him More (Title)  52
I'm a child of the King (Refrain)  368
I'm a child of the King  242
I'm feeding on the living bread (Chorus)  243
I'm glad I'm a Christian  244
I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger  245
I'm Just Going Home (Title)  137
I'm not ashamed to serve my Lord  246
I'm pressing on the upward way  247
I'm redeemed (Refrain)  426
I'm trusting in the Saviour's power  248
Immanuel's Land (Title)  552
Immortal, invisible, God only wise  249
In Christ alone my hope is found  250
In Christ is love abounding  251
In Him! In Him! There's fullness (Refrain)  251
In lands or wealth, I may be poor  252
In loving-kindness Jesus came  253
In memory of the Saviour's love  254
In my heart there rings a melody (Refrain)  203
In my need Jesus found me (Chorus)  255
In shady, green pastures  256
In tenderness He sought me  257
In the bleak mid-winter  258
In the breaking of the bread  259
In the cross, in the cross (Refrain)  299
In the darkness, storm and sorrow  260
In the harvest field now ripened  261
In the morning when I rise  262
In the secret of His presence  263
In the soul-cleansing blood of the Saviour (Refrain)  445
In the soul's bright home  265
In the sweet by and by (Refrain)  585
In these, the closing days of time  264
In those days of long ago  266
Infant holy, Infant lowly  267
Inside the Veil (Title)  604
Into Your presence we come (Chorus)  268
Is there anyone can help us  269
Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid? (Refrain)  702
Is your life a channel of blessing?  270
It came upon a midnight clear  272
It is a thing most wonderful  271
It is well with my soul (Refrain)  659
It may be at morn  273
It passes knowledge  274
It Took a Miracle (Title)  367
It was for me, yes all for me (Refrain)  622
It was His love for me  275
It was His voice (Refrain)  664
It was Jesus my Saviour  276
It will be worth it all (Chorus)  277
It will be worth it all when we see Jesus (Refrain)  30
It's old, yet ever new (Refrain)  572
It's Real (Title)  411
It's the Lord!  O wondrous story! (Refrain)  673
It's the song of the soul set free (Refrain)  99
I've a home prepared  279
I've been redeemed!  278
I've built Him an altar of worship  280
I've found a Friend in Jesus  281
I've got a home in glory-land  282
I've tried in vain  283
I've wandered far away from God  284
Ivory Palaces (Title)  374