Songs from O to S

O blessèd Lord, what You have done  393
O Breath of Life  394
O Calvary! Dark Calvary! (Refrain)  442
O Calvary! Mount Calvary! (Refrain)  39
O can you say you are ready, brother? (Refrain)  656
O Christ in You my soul has found  395
O Christ what burdens bowed Your head  396
O come all ye faithful  397
O come, let us adore Him (Refrain)  397
O could I speak the matchless worth  398
O depth of mercy, wide and free (Refrain)  471
O for a closer walk with God  399
O for a heart to praise my God  400
O for a thousand tongues to sing  401
O give us homes built firm upon the Saviour  402
O God of Bethel  403
O God of matchless grace  404
O God, our help in ages past  405
O golden day  406
O hallelujah, yes, it's heaven (Refrain)  500
O Happy Day  409
O holy night!  407
O how I love Him! (Refrain)  90
O how I love the Saviour's Name (Refrain)  570
O how praying rests the weary (Refrain)  28
O how sweet the glorious message  408
O how well do I remember  411
O it is wonderful that He should care for me (Refrain)  227
O Jesus I have promised  410
O Jesus is a Rock in a weary land (Refrain)  548
O Jesus Lord and Saviour (Refrain)  339
O Jesus, Lord Jesus  412
O joy of the justified, joy of the free!  413
O little town of Bethlehem  414
O Lord Jesus, how long? (Refrain)  273
O Lord my God  415
O Lord of Heaven and earth and sea  416
O Lord we adore You  417
O Lord, how infinite Your love  418
O Lord, You know (Refrain)  597
O Love divine, what You have done,  419
O love of God, how rich and pure! (Refrain)  550
O love of God, how strong and true  421
O make me understand it (Refrain)  116
O mighty Lord of Heaven, earth and sea  420
O my Saviour lifted  423
O now carry me to Bethlehem (Refrain)  492
O perfect Love  422
O precious is the flow (Refrain)  645
O sacred head, once wounded  424
O sing of His mighty love (Refrain)  413
O sing of Jesus, Lamb of God  426
O solemn hour  425
O soul, are you weary and troubled?  427
O star of wonder, star of night (Refrain)  637
O sweet is the story of Jesus  429
O teach me what it means, Lord  428
O that will be glory for me (Refrain)  650
O the bliss, the rest of knowing (Refrain)  58
O the crowning day is coming! (Refrain)  460
O the deep, deep love of Jesus  430
O the depth of the riches  431
O the glory of the grace (Refrain)  127
O the grace of God is boundless  432
O the height and depth of mercy! (Refrain)  523
O the love that sought me! (Refrain)  257
O the mercy of God  433
O the precious love of Jesus  434
O the Saviour is longing to speak with you (Refrain)  280
O the wonder of it all! (Refrain)  590
O there's sunshine, blessèd sunshine (Refrain)  578
O touch the hem of His garment (Refrain)  497
O victory in Jesus (Refrain)  214
O what a mystery (Refrain)  361
O what a Saviour is Jesus the Lord  436
O what a Saviour is mine! (Refrain)  275
O what a Saviour that He died for me  437
O what a wonderful, wonderful day  438
O when the saints go marching in (Refrain)  186
O when the saints go marching in  439
O wonder of wonders (Refrain)  603
O wonderful, wonderful story (Refrain)  429
O yes He cares, I know He cares (Refrain)  87
O yes, my friend there's something more (Refrain)  1
Of the Father's love begotten  440
Oft We, Alas! Forget the Love (Title)  179
Oh, to see the dawn  435
Old Jordan's Waves I Do Not Fear (Title)  508
Old, Yet Ever New (Title)  572
Old-time Religion (Title)  118
On a hill far away  441
On Calvary's cross my Saviour died  442
On Christ the solid Rock I stand (Refrain)  370
On that bright and golden morning  443
On that same night, Lord Jesus  444
On the golden streets of Heaven  445
On the night Christ was born  446
On the resurrection morning  447
Once again the Gospel message  448
Once for all, O sinner receive it (Refrain)  111
Once in royal David's city  449
Once more before we part  450
Once our blessèd Christ of beauty  451
One day when Heaven  452
One sat alone beside the highway  453
Only a sinner saved by grace (Chorus)  454
Only a sinner saved by grace! (Refrain)  389
Only a step to Jesus  455
Only Bread and Only Wine (Title)  109
Only trust Him, only trust Him (Refrain)  70

Onward Christian soldiers  456
Open my eyes, that I may see  457
Our blest Redeemer, ere He breathed  458
Our God Reigns (Title)  178
Our Lord is now rejected  460
Our Sins Were Laid On Him (Title)  682
Out of my bondage, sorrow and night  459
Out of the ivory palaces (Refrain)  374
Pardon freely offered all who will believe (Refrain)  692
Pass me not, O gentle Saviour  461
Peace! Peace! Wonderful peace (Refrain)  98
Peace, peace, sweet peace (Refrain)  565
Peace, perfect peace  462
Pearly Gates (Title)  351
Pilgrim Song (Title)  156
Power of the Cross (Title)  435
Praise God from whom all (Chorus)  463
Praise Him!  Praise Him!  465
Praise my soul, the King of Heaven  464
Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! (Refrain)  611
Praise the Lord, you heavens  466
Praise the Saviour, you who know Him  467
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty  468
Precious Lord, take my hand  469
Precious Love of Jesus (Title)  434
Precious name, O how sweet (Refrain)  521
Precious, precious blood of Jesus  470
Redeemed by blood from God's dear Son  471
Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb (Title)  472
Redeemed how I love to proclaim it  472
Redemption ground (Refrain)  75
Redemption, the wonderful story  473
Rejoice and be glad, the Redeemer  474
Rejoice in the Lord! and let  475
Rejoice the Lord is King!  476
Rescue the perishing  477
Revive Your work, O Lord  478
Rise my soul and worship Jesus  480
Rise my soul, with joy and gladness  479
Robe of Righteousness (Title)  184
Rock of Ages  481
Rolling downward through the midnight  482
Room At The Cross (Title)  533
Room for Jesus, King of Glory (Refrain)  148
Safe in the arms of Jesus  483
Saved by grace alone! (Refrain)  139
Saved by Grace (Title)  505
Saved by grace, what a wonderful story  484
Saved Through Jesus' Blood (Title)  507
Saved through the blood of Jesus  485
Saving Grace (Title)  406
Saviour! Thy dying love  486
Saviour, again to Your dear Name  487
Saviour, Keep Me Near the Cross (Title)  301
Saviour, like a shepherd lead us  488
Saviour, Saviour, hear my humble cry (Refrain)  461
Search me O God and know my heart  489
Search me O God, my actions try  490
See amid the winter's snow  491
See Him lying on a bed of straw  492
See! He comes with clouds descending  493
Seek God first, not earthly  494
Send the light, the blessèd gospel light (Refrain)  584
Shackled by a heavy burden  495
Shall we gather at the river  496
She only touched the hem of His garment  497
Showers of blessing (Refrain)  579
Silent night, holy night  498
Silently now I wait for Thee (Refrain)  457
Simply trusting every day  499
Since Christ my soul from sin set free  500
Since Jesus came into my heart (Refrain)  643
Sing His praise! Sing His praise! (Refrain)  182
Sing hosanna!  Sing hosanna! (Refrain)  117
Sing O sing of my Redeemer (Refrain)  237
Sing the wondrous love of Jesus  501
Sing them over again to me  502
Sing we the King  503
Singing Hallelujah, Hallelujah (Refrain)  653
Sinner come! (Refrain)  695
So I'll cherish the old rugged cross (Refrain)  441
Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling  504
Soldiers of Christ arise  506
Some day the silver cord will break  505
Some day we'll stand before the judgment  507
Some day, I know not when  508
Some through the waters (Refrain)  256
Someday He'll come (Refrain)  378
Something More Than Gold (Title)  1
Son of God, Your love has made You  509
Song of Joy (Title)  325
Sound His Praises, Tell the Story (Title)  474
Sow flowers and flowers will blossom  510
Speak Lord in the stillness  511
Stand up and bless the Lord  512
Stand up, stand up for Jesus!  513
Standing by a purpose true  514
Standing on the promises  515
Standing, standing (Refrain)  515
Stayed upon Jehovah (Refrain)  336
Stricken, wounded and afflicted  516
Sunshine, Blessèd Sunshine (Title)  578
Sweet feast of love divine!  517
Sweet hour of prayer  518
Sweet Peace (Title)  565
Sweet the moments, rich in blessing  519
Sweet the theme of Jesus' love  520
Sweet will of God (Refrain)  382