Songs from T to V

Take my life, and let it be  522
Take the name of Jesus with you  521
Take the world, but give me Jesus  523
Take time to be holy  524
Teach me Thy way, O Lord  525
Tell me the old, old story  527
Tell me the stories of Jesus  526
Tell me the story of Jesus  528
Tell out, my soul  529
Than to be the king of a vast domain (Refrain)  240
Thank you Lord for saving my soul (Refrain)  563
Thank You, O my Father (Refrain)  571
That Man of Calvary (Refrain)  85
That Means Me! (Title)  692
The Angel's Song (Title)  482
The B-I-B-L-E  530
The blood of Christ, Thy spotless  531
The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power (Title)  266
The Bond of Love (Title)  624
The Conquering Saviour (Title)  276
The countless multitude on high  532
The cross upon which Jesus died  533
The cross! the cross!  534
The day Thou gavest, Lord is ended  535
The Earth Shall be Filled with the Glory (Title)  131
The first Noel  536
The God of Abraham praise  537
The gospel bells are ringing  539
The gospel of God's grace  538
The Great Judgement Morning (Title)  201
The hand of my Saviour (Refrain)  540
The hand that was nailed  540
The Head that once was crowned  541
The King of Love  542
The Kingdom of our God  543
The Light of the World (Title)  560
The Lord Himself shall come  544
The Lord is coming very soon  545
The Lord is Gracious and Merciful (Title)  234
The Lord of Glory, who is He?  547
The Lord's my Shepherd  546
The Lord's our Rock, in Him we hide  548
The love of Christ who died for me  549
The love of God is greater far  550
The love that Jesus had for me  551
The Ninety and Nine (Title)  582
The Old Rugged Cross (Title)  441
The old, old story, it is ever (Medley)  553
The sands of time are sinking  552
The Saviour comes  554
The Saviour lives, no more to die  556
The sky shall unfold  557
The Son of God has come to save  555
The Unveiled Christ (Title)  451
The veil is torn, there Jesus stands  558
The way of the cross leads home (Refrain)  185
The well is deep and I require (Chorus)  559
The whole world was lost  560
The wise man built his house upon the rock  561
The Wonder Of It All (Title)  590
The Wonderful Story (Title)  429
The Wondrous Cross (Title)  534
The works and ways of God on high  562
The world was in darkness  563
Then I shall know, as I am known (Refrain)  406
Then Jesus Came (Title)  453
Then my soul shall fear no ill (Refrain)  221
Then sings my soul (Refrain)  415
There are loved ones in the glory  564
There comes to my heart one sweet song  565
There is a fountain (I do believe)  566
There is a fountain filled with blood  567
There is a green hill far away  568
There is a land of pure delight  569
There is a Name I love to hear (Rudd)  570
There is a Redeemer  571
There is a story you should hear  572
There is coming a day  574
There is joy among the angels (Refrain)  649
There is life for a look  573
There is never a day so dreary  575
There is no name so sweet on earth  576
There is Power in the Blood (Title)  693
There is singing up in Heaven  577
There is sunshine in my soul today  578
There shall be showers of blessing  579
There was one song in the beginning  580

There was One who was willing  581
There were ninety and nine  582
There'll be one song (Refrain)  580
There's a call comes ringing  584
There's a Friend for little children  583
There's a land that is fairer than day  585
There's a light upon the mountains  587
There's a new name written (Chorus)  586
There's a new name written down in glory (Refrain)  235
There's a way back to God (Chorus)  588
There's a wideness in God's mercy  589
There's grace, and glory too (Refrain)  432
There's room at the cross for you (Refrain)  533
There's the wonder of sunset  590
There's within my heart a melody  591
They are nailed to the cross (Refrain)  581
They bound the hands of Jesus  592
They crucified Him (Refrain)  76
They nailed my Lord upon the tree  593
They're underneath the blood (Refrain)  701
Thine be the glory  594
This bread is My body  595
This is my story, this is my song (Refrain)  40
This Is Your God (Title)  361
This one thing I know (Chorus)  596
This world is not my home  597
This, the power of the cross (Refrain)  435
This, this is Christ the King (Refrain)  646
Thou Art Coming, O My Saviour! (Title)  698
Thou art the everlasting Word  598
Thou didst leave Thy throne  599
Thou life of my life, blessèd Saviour  600
Thou Son of God, Eternal Word (Title)  44
Thou whose almighty word  601
Thou, My Everlasting Portion (Title)  61
Though your sins be as scarlet  602
Through the gates of the city  603
Through Your precious body broken  604
Thy life was given for me  605
Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet  606
Till He comes! O let the words  607
Till we meet again (Refrain)  125
'Tis the Church Triumphant Singing (Title)  158
To be like Jesus  608
To Calvary, Lord, in spirit now  609
To Christ the Lord let every tongue  610
To God be the glory, great things  611
To the praise of His glorious grace (Refrain)  433
To those who love You, gracious Lord  612
True life of my life, precious Saviour  613
Trust and obey (Refrain)  666
Trust in the Lord and don't (Chorus)  614
Trusting as the moments fly (Refrain)  499
Trusting in His Word (Title)  248
Trusting in Jesus  616
Trusting Jesus, That is All (Title)  499
Trying to walk in the steps  615
Turn your eyes upon Jesus (Chorus)  617
Turn your eyes upon Jesus (Refrain)  427
Under the burdens of guilt and care  618
Unto Him who has loved us (Refrain)  681
Unto us a boy is born!  619
Up from the grave He arose! (Refrain)  355
Upon the cross, my Saviour  620
Vaster far than any ocean  621
Victory in Jesus (Title)  214